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Cobra™ 3D
  Model No. : Cobra™ 3D
  Brand Name : OGP®

Cobra™ 3D is a non-contact measuring instrument capable of automatically acquiring a series of linear profiles in order to map an area for 3D analysis. 3D profiles provide important detail easily missed in a single linear profile. For example, the symmetry of a critical feature clearly shows in a 3D plot. Scanning an area also proves that the apex of a feature was scanned, an important capability not easily verified with a single linear scan.

Cobra 3D uses proven DRS™(Digital Range Sensor) laser technology to scan surfaces with up to 0.125 µm Z height resolution. Computer controlled motors move the DRS over the part while a precision stage translates the part beneath the DRS to build up a series of linear scans. Scan-X® analysis software controls the process and presents the results graphically and numerically.

The optional video camera makes setup even easier and provides live color imaging of the scanning process for visual verification of the scan location on the part.

Optical Gaging Products’ systems are manufactured in Rochester, New York.

More than 60 years of engineering, design, and manufacturing experience result in measurement systems that allow our customers to make parts more accurately at lower costs. By keeping control of the entire technology process, we ensure that our systems meet our customers’ demands for value, precision, reliability, and usability. A measure of our success? - Thousands of OGP® systems are used around the world every day.

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