Corporate Profile is a revolutionary business matching (B2B) marketing platform wholly-owned by Exhibit Media (S) Pte Ltd.

To springboard Singapore-based industrial suppliers towards globalization with our cost effective, revolutionary business matching approaches.

We exist to assist these Singapore-based industrial suppliers to gain exposure in the international markets. We conduct business matching activities to secure genuine buyers for these Singapore-based industrial suppliers through our participations in global tradeshows. Our current tradeshow profile spans South East Asia countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia as well as in Europe such as Germany. We are result-oriented and thus will strategically select all exhibition booths locations, prominently displaying of key products and services, actively distributing of name cards, brochures as well as conducting meaningful surveys for our customers. Acting alike the "outsourced tradeshows participation arm" of these Singapore-based industrial suppliers, we will also take care of all related logistics such as tradeshow sourcing, on-site booth set up and manpower deployment.

To reinforce the exposure gathered internationally via these tradeshows, we also value-add with the creation of a supplementary web-based search engine ( This extremely user-friendly search engine conducts sourcing with simple key indicators such as "Products and Services", "Company Name" or "Brand Name". It houses an extensive directory of all the products and services offered by these Singapore-based industrial suppliers, effectively featuring them all year round, 24/7 for potential global buyers to browse and deal.

All these Singapore-based industrial suppliers whom had engaged us are able to exploit the vast opportunities of this globalized world without having to incur huge marketing expenses. They basically cost-saved without the need to deploy their own staff, pay for air tickets, food and lodging nor take up expensive exhibition booths at selected international tradeshows. They optimized their marketing dollars simply by leveraging on to test the global buyers¡¯ receptiveness to their products and services instead of venturing into certain regions without concrete data of the buying behaviors there.

For, we are most happy to be the most cost effective, result-oriented and creative marketing partner of these Singapore-based industrial suppliers!